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The mission of the Office of Student Welfare

Khulna University of Engineering & Technology is committed to providing its students with a holistic and balanced education, consisting of both formal and non-formal elements. The formal element is primarily academic pursuit, while the non-formal element includes non-academic and extracurricular activities.

The Office of Student Welfare aims to facilitate the all-round personal development and growth of students of the University. We work with other functional units within the University and external resources to provide quality non-formal educational experience to our students. It is our goal to meet students’ progressive needs and help them realize their potential as they advance along their educational path at the University.

Services provided by the Office of Student Welfare

To assist students in their personal growth and development, the Office of Student Welfare provides professional services in the following areas:

1. Organizing and supporting student activities

We believe that participation in student activities is an important part of the students’ experiential development. We coordinate student activities and organize leadership training and development programs. In particular, we encourage and support student-directed activities. We also provide assistance and advice to students and student bodies in their organization of student activities.

2. Managing student amenities

The University provides a range of facilities and amenities for students such as auditorium, central play ground, cafeteria, gymnasium etc. We are responsible for the management of these facilities.

3. Assisting non-local students and promoting cultural diversity

We coordinate student care services for incoming non-local students to assist them in their adjustment to campus life. We promote cultural diversity on our campus by organizing and coordinating a variety of cultural activities.

4. Enhancing learning effectiveness of non-local students

In order to enable non-local undergraduates more ready to benefit from the University’s learning environment, we provide proactive support on adjustment and learning-related issues. Person-to-person guidance is given to year one students, while group activities are organized to enhance mutual support among the non-local undergraduates.

5. Enhancing communication between students and the University

We strive to enhance communication and mutual understanding between students and the University by organizing suitable functions and activities. We also liaise with student associations in the University.

6. Assisting students through counseling and related services

We aim to enable our students to become confident, competent and competitive young adults. Through psychological counseling, developmental programs and mental health education, we assist students to overcome difficulties in adjusting to the University, derive success and satisfaction from their university experiences, and achieve genuine personal growth and self-management.

7. Enhancing students’ employability and career prospects

We provide career guidance and development services to students so as to enhance their competitiveness and employability. Our strategies are to broaden the scope of networking with potential employers and other external parties, and to equip our students with the essential employability qualities and skills. We also organize a wide range of internship opportunities and other suitable programs for our students.

8. Support Services for Foreign Students

To enable foreign students to actively participate in campus life and to facilitate their learning, special services and facilities can be arranged according to individual needs so that foreign students can enjoy university life and attain fruitful academic pursuits.


Name & Designation Phone Email
no image found Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Motin
+88-02477733351~69 Ext: 504, 515
[email protected]
no image found Md. Abu Safayet
Deputy Director (In-Charge)
+88-02477733351~69 Ext: 8715 [email protected]
no image found Nazia Jahan Khan Chowdhury
Assistant Director
+88-02477733351~69 Ext: 361 [email protected]
no image found Md. Helal Fakir
Deputy Director (Physical)
+88-02477733351~69 Ext: 166
[email protected] , [email protected]
no image found Md. Sarder Abul Kalam Azad
Assistant Director (Physical)
+88-02477733351~69 Ext: 195
[email protected]
no image found Shaikh Omor Faruk
Asst. Registrar
+88-02477733351~69 Ext: 8161
[email protected]
no image found Sayed Raihanul Islam
Physical Education Officer
+88-02477733351~69 Ext: 8165
[email protected] , [email protected]
no image found Md. Azizur Rahman
Asst. Physical Instructor

[email protected]
no image found Md. Ohedul Islam
Asst. Technical Officer