A vital part of Mechanical engineering department's mission is to provide faculty and students at this department with the instrumentation and associated infrastructure needed for academic works & state-of-the-art research. To fulfill this mission a variety of facilities are provided such as Multimedia classrooms, Enriched libraries, Laboratories etc. Classrooms: In mechanical Engineering department all classrooms are suited with multimedia systems (Integrated projector, Computer, Digital clocks etc.). All classrooms are well ventilated and have a capacity of 60 students. Laboratories: Laboratories are situated inside & outside of the department building. All laboratories have sufficient equipment to perform sessionals & research work. Name of all laboratories are:

Laboratories and Workshops

Laboratories and Workshops are situated inside & outside of the department building. All laboratories and workshops have sufficient equipment to perform practical classes & research work. These are:

  • 1. Applied Mechanics Lab.
  • 3. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Lab.
  • 5. Metrology Lab.
  • 7. Central Research & Testing Service (CRTS) Lab.
  • 9. Aerodynamics Lab.
  • 2. Fluid Mechanics Lab.
  • 4. Metallurgy Lab.
  • 6. Mechatronics Lab.
  • 8. Heat Engine Lab.
  • 10. Model Lab. .

The department also has a large rental library with modern science and engineering books. Sufficient class rooms including one seminar room are also equipped with modern multimedia facilities. All computers are connected with high speed internet connection and Wi-Fi is available throughout the department as well.