Academic Program

Degree Offered

B.Sc Eng , M.Sc Eng , Ph.D

Academic Degree Awarding Program

Undergraduate Program

This department offers the FourYear Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc. Eng.) course to be completed in eight Terms earning total 1.6o credits covering the fundamental aspects of this discipline. Emphasis is also given on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Basic Electrical Engineering courses in the first year. In the next three years the students are taught the relevant subjects designed to provide necessary skills in development and research oriented activities. The curriculum includes theoretical courses, laboratory works and different technical visits. There is a study tour organized for the final year students throughout country's important technical point.

Postgraduate Program

The postgraduate program leads to the degree of Master of Science Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc. Eng.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) conducting research in the advanced areas of this discipline. To be awarded a M.Sc. Eng. degree, a student should have to complete minimum 36 credit hours of which 9 credit hours of project work or 1.8 credit hours of thesis work in 3 Semesters. The degree requirements of Ph.D. are 6o credit hours of which a maximum of 45 credit hours of thesis works to be completed in 6 Semesters.