Electronics Circuits and Devices
  • i) Device Modelling, Simulation and Fabrication
  • ii) VLSI and Nano Technology
  • iii) Power Electronics
  • iv) Electro-osmotic Transport in Nanochannel
  • v) Magnetic Field Sensors: GMR/TRM/AMR, SQUID- Superconductivity
  • vi)  Lightning Surge Impedance measurement using Electromagnetic Transient
  • vii) Optoelectronics

Signal/ Image Processing and Machine Learning
  • i) Biomedical Signal Processing
  • ii) Medical Image Processing
  • iii) Computational Models for Biological Systems (Cell, Tissues, DNA, Membrane, Protein etc.)
  • iv) Computational Techniques for Biophysical, Biochemical and Biological Problems
  • v) Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
  • vi) Artificial Intelligence

Communication Systems
  • i) Computational Electromagnetics (CEM)
  • ii) Wireless Communications
  • iii) Multimedia Communications
  • iv) Optical Fiber Communication
  • v) Broadband Mobile Communications
  • vi) RF & Microwave Engineering and Antenna design

  • i) Communication Security
  • ii) Cloud and Fog Computing
  • iii) Wireless Sensor Network
  • iv) Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs)
  • v) Internet of Things (IoT)
  • vi) Big Data

Research Facilities

To provide such high-level challenging degrees, we have the world class faculty members. Since its inception, the ECE department at KUET has been active in recruiting outstanding new faculties to support its teaching and research activities. Most of the senior faculties have overseas teaching and research experience. Every year, some of our faculty members get higher education and short-term scientific and research training in well reputed International Universities across the world.

Our highly qualified faculty members have tremendous potential to change the traditional way of thinking about engineering education, pedagogy and research excellence. Apart from strong teaching background, they have proven track records in research activities spanning a wide range of subjects covering from Power Systems to Power Electronics.

The expertise of the faculty of this department includes Computational Electromagnetics & Optics, Motion Capture System, Lighting surge, Tower surge response, Wireless communications, Medical imaging systems, Ultrasound Elastography, Computer aided diagnosis, Digital System Design, VLSI Design. Therefore, our students have a unique opportunity to draw on the knowledge and experience of highly competent, intellectual, professional, and devoted educators.