Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) has been started since 2001 for undergraduate students and from 2011 for postgraduate students, both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are offered from this department. Sixty students are use to admit into the undergraduate level and limited number of students are use to admit into postgraduate level in each year. The department offers a four years (eight terms) wide-ranging degree of B.Sc. Engg. in Electronics & Communication (ECE) with the provision for doing major and minor in various fields. Postgraduate admission is taken in two semesters namely, January Semester and July Semester in each year. It is essential that department maintains a high level of professionalism with Teaching Assistants for postgraduate students. We serve as both supervisors and mentors to these key members of our instructional teams. Sometimes the students are made expert in different projects and thesis works related to ECE which enables them to show their skill in professional life.

The ECE Department provides an outstanding research environment complemented by superior teaching for its students to flourish in. It offers unique opportunities for education, research and innovation to meet the increasing demand for highly educated engineering professionals. It has a world class lab that already drew the attention of the Students, Teachers and other Researchers. It is producing the best brains for the communication industry. The working area of major labs are :

i) Microwave and Antenna laboratory ii) Communication System Laboratory iii) Electronics Circuit Device & Design Laboratory iv) Digital System Design & Signal Processing Laboratory v) Microprocessor & Control Laboratory vi) Computer centre. The details of working area of each lab can be found at Laboratory of ECE department.

To provide such high level challenging degrees, we have the world class faculty member. Since its inception, the ECE department at KUET has been active in recruiting outstanding new faculty to support its teaching and research activities. Most of the senior faculties have overseas teaching and research experience. Every year, a number of our faculty members gets higher education and short-term scientific and research training in well reputed International Universities. Our highly qualified faculty members have tremendous potential to change the traditional way of thinking about engineering education, pedagogy and research excellence. Apart from strong teaching background, they have proven track records in research activities spanning a wide range of subjects covering from Power Systems to Power Electronics. The expertise of the faculty and students of this department include Computational Electromagnetics and Optics, Computational model for Biological systems (e.g. protein, cell etc.), Computation of membrane potential, Molecular Electrostatic Forces, Solvation Energy, Drug Delivery, Electromechanics of nanoparticles, Quantum Mechanics, Computational methods for Biophysical, Biochemical and biomedical Problems, Electrical and Optical Forces for Cell Manipulations, Cell Sorting, Cell Trapping, Dielectrophoresis and Electroosmotic transport in Nanochannel, Bio-MEMS, Finite Difference Time domain (FDTD) method, Method of Moments (MoM), Finite Element Method (FEM), Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Poisson Boltzmann Equation, Double Layer Theory, Plasma Physics, GMR/TMR/AMR Sensors, Magnetic Field Sensors, Superconductivity, Signal and Image Processing, Motion Capture System, Signals and Systems, Multi media Communications, Biomedical Engineering, RF & Microwave Engineering and Antenna design, Optoelectronics and Optical Fibre Communication, Channel estimation of Mobile Telecommunication, Device fabrication, Device Modelling and Simulation, VLSI and Nano Technology, Solid state device ,networking, Power electronics. Therefore, our students have a unique opportunity to draw on the knowledge and experience of highly competent, intellectual, professional, and devoted educators. A list of the rights, responsibilities, rewards, and resources of the faculty can be found at Faculty of ECE department.

The ECE Department fosters future scientists and engineers and aims at developing not only the ability in students to live flexibly and aggressively in our rapidly changing society, but also at producing scientists and engineers with fundamental academic skills to advance our modern way of life. It is our mission to develop professionals with a global perspective and who take an active role in international progress. Our students already proved their merits and endeavors in home and abroad by securing good positions in their respective fields and we hope to offer furthering its continuation. The graduates from the department are heavily recruited by both academia and industry of home and abroad. The members of ECE department are welcoming you at ECE department, KUET to know about the department and to share the knowledge and experience with the members of the department.

Established : 01-10-2001
Head : Dr. Sk. Shariful Alam
Location : New Academic Building
(Block-3, Ground and 1st Floor)
Phone : +8802477733021 Ext-250
BTCL : 02477733021
Fax : +8802477733351
Email : [email protected]
No of Faculty : 21
No of Student : 348
Website: : /department/ECE
Degree Offered

B.Sc Eng, M.Sc Eng, Ph.D