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Rokeya Hall

Notice for newly admitted Female Undergraduate Students

Rokeya Hall is the only residential hall for girl students in Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET), Khulna. The hall named as "Rokeya Hall" after the name of Begum Rokeya who dedicated for whole life to emancipate unprivileged women of this society. It is situated in the green environment of KUET campus besides administrative building, residence of Vicechancellor and the department of Civil Engineering. There is a big pond at northern side of the hall.

The hall started its journey with 90 students in the year 2000 in its own building. In 2011 it is extended from 3rd floor to 4th floor. Now Rokeya Hall is running with 392 residential students and 66 non-residential students with 224 seats, 56 rooms and 168 attached students. As the number of female engineering students are increasing day by day, to cope up with the growing number of students, a new building is under construction where 2 floors consisting 20 rooms has been already allocated for female students. Not only is that, in the west side of the building there also a place for playground for the recreation of the students.

There is a dining hall and a canteen where the students take their meal effortlessly. Students use the common room for reading newspaper, magazine and to spent their time for playing indoor games like carom board, chess, table tennis etc. There is a TV room for pleasure and a gymnastic room for physical exercise. In addition to room students can use the calm atmosphere of reading room for their study. There is a photocopier where everybody can make their needed photocopy at reduced rate. In front of the photocopier room there is a guest room for the visitors of the students. There is also a nice flower garden inside the hall area.

The administrative work of the hall is carried out by Provost Miss. Monika Gope who is acting as the Assistant Provost and Miss. Mehnuma Tabassum Omar also acting as Assistant Provost of Rokeya Hall. To help the administration as well as the students there is a room for hall assistant. S.M. Masudul Karim is currently in charge of hall assistant of Rokeya Hall. All the works of hall administration are done by an internet based automated software.

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