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Lalan Shah Hall

Lalan Shah Hall is one of the oldest residential halls of Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET), Khulna. The hall is an emblem of quality engineering education and contributing not only the nation but worldwide since 1967. It is founded in 1975 after the name of famous Bengali Baul Saint Lalan Shah. The hall is extenuating the demand of a good number of residential students. Every year the nation is being provided quality engineer from this hall. It is situated in the green environment of KUET campus besides the central mosque and the new academic building

There are 180 undergraduate student of various departments reside in the hall. Beside around 180 students are attached with this hall.

There is a large dining room inside the hall where all the students of the hall take their lunch and supper smoothly. There are forty one (41) residential rooms, one guest room, and a library cum study room. In the hall library , there are 1857 books are available, among which some are written by foreign writers. The study room is used to keep open till 11:30 pm on weekdays where general student can study without any disturbance. A common room is providing the facilities of watching television and playing indoor games.

There is a strong "Hall Committee" of dedicate students to manage the various activities of this hall voluntarily. The administrative works of the hall is carried out by a Provost and two Assistant Provosts appointed by the authority of KUET. A caretaker cum hall assistant works for the sake of student affairs and maintain the accounts of the hall. There is a beautiful garden and large playground inside the hall territory. We hope that Lalan Shah Hall will help to make a great nation.

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