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Khan Jahan Ali Hall

Khan Jahan Ali Hall is the third residential Hall for boys students in the Khulna University of Engineering & Technology. The Hall is named as "Khan Jahan" after the name of "Khan Jahan Ali" who devoted for whole life to broaden the Islam of this society. The Hall was started in the month of January 1977 in its own building. There the six Superintends and also six Assistant Superintends who were directly engaged for carried out of the administrative work in the month of January 1977 to May 1986. Moreover, in the month of June 1986 to August 2003, there were ten Provosts and eleven Assistant Provosts as hall administrators. In the month of September 2003 to till, there were eight Provosts and six Assistant Provosts in this hall. It is situated nearby the KUET main gate complex and main play ground in the green environment of KUET campus.

There is a big pond at the western side of the hall. It is a well-protected three storied building having a total of forty rooms. About 295 resident, non-resident and attached students of various Departments reside in this hall with gracious environment. The environment of this hall is very neat and clean with high arranging lighting facilities and well constructed Island in front of the hall. The hall administrators are arranged of high quality paddle dust bin in each floor for managing the garbage for making clean, hygiene and friendly Khan Jahan Ali hall. The special arrangement of this hall of 'at a glance' for direction of each floor with room, guest room, dining room, library, mosque, toilet, common and TV room as well as for using toilet with the indoors shoe. The hall administrators are only arranged after six month interval for celebrating the students who achieve the best position of hall dining manager, neat and clean room and also the hall award. Moreover, two well green gardens make the hall as immature celebrated.

There is a spacious guest room with Jharbati and photo gallery in this hall. Moreover, there is a dining room with Jharbati where the students take their meal with assertively. Students use the common room for watching TV, reading newspaper, magazine and to spend their time for playing carom board, chess, table tennis etc. In the backward of this hall, there is cricket short pitch and badminton cord. There is a library for the enrichment of student's knowledge. There is a mosque for saying prayer of Muslim student's. The extraordinary advantage of this residential hall is that it provides a suitable environment to build up the friendly affiliation amid the students. The administrative work of the hall is carried out by Provost and Assistant Provost respectively. The hall administrators always highly are grateful for good relation between the administrators and students of this hall. All the works of hall administration are done by newly developed internet based automated software.

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