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Website Development and Management Sub-Committee

Name Department Email
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mashud (Chairman) ME mdmashud@me.kuet.ac.bd
Dr. Abdullah Al-Faruk (Member Secretary) ME alfaruk@me.kuet.ac.bd
Mr. Md. Habib Ullah Khan ME habibullahkhan@me.kuet.ac.bd
Mr. Md. Al Amin IEM m.alamin@iem.kuet.ac.bd
Mr. Abu Jor LE abujor@le.kuet.ac.bd
Mr. Alberuni Aziz TE alberuni@te.kuet.ac.bd
Mr. Pranto Karua ME prantokarua@me.kuet.ac.bd
Engr. RejwanaTasnim Rimi ICT Cell rejwana@kuet.ae.bd