Dr. Md. Shahjahan
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
Khulna -9203, Bangladesh. Phone: 88-041-769470 ext 345
Cell: 88-01912251993, Fax: 88-041-774403, Mail : mdjahan8@yahoo.com
Website : www.kuet.ac.bd/eee/jahan/

Course Conduction

Undergraduate Courses:

Before 2000:

TE-211: Antenna and Propagation

TE-209: Analog Electronics

EE-609: Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution

EE-815: Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation

EE-713: Microprocessor & Microcomputer

EE-813: Advanced Microprocessor & Microcomputer

After 2006:

ECE-609: Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation

EE-1222: Programming Technique-I

EE-3213: Microprocessors, Microcontroller & Peripherals

EE-3121: Numerical Methods & Statistics - currently running

EE-2222: Programming technique-II

CSE-2131: Data Structure and Algorithm  - current running


Post Graduate Courses:

EE-6501: Information and Coding Theory - currently running

EE-6611: Soft Computing - currently running

EE-6609: Chaos Theory

EE-6602: Computer Application in Engineering


Master of Engineering Degree Supervised and currently supervising:

1.         Extraction of customer behavior using neural network and canonical correlation analysis. Name of Student: Md. Asaduzzaman, Roll: 0703552

2.         Chaos in a back propagation neural network and its control. Name of Student: Md. Fazle Elahi Khan, Roll: 0503503.

3.         A Framework for Enhancing QoS in Operational GSM Network . Name of Student: Md. Wahiduzzaman, Roll:  0703554 (to appear in defence)

4.       Multiband and Small Size Fractacl Square Kotch Antenna Design for UHF/SHF Application. Dilara Khakun; roll:

1103507 (Defence completed)

5. Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Embedded System for Electrical Component Testing and Reporting. Design and  Name of the student: Md. Mayen Uddin: Roll: 1103513 (in progress)

6.  Metagene and molecular pattern discovery using nonnegative matrix factorization. Tamima Kyatun. Roll:  1115551 (in progress)

7. Feature Selection from EEG Data using Neural canonical correlation analysis analysis. Md. Zakir Hossain, Roll: 1203551 (in progress)

Doctor of Philosophy Degree Supervising:

1.      Injection of noise and chaos in neural network. (in progress)

Student: A.N.M Enamul Kabir, Associate professor, Dept. of EEE, Roll: 0603751

2.      Modeling of High Voltage Profile in Thundering .(in progress)

Student: Md. Fazle Elahi Khan, (Lieutenant Commander, rtd), Dooren power Ltd,  Roll: 1103701

Last Update: 20 Jan 2016