Dr. Md. Shahjahan
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
Khulna -9203, Bangladesh. Phone: 88-041-769470 ext 345
Cell: 88-01912251993, Fax: 88-041-774403, Mail : mdjahan8@yahoo.com
Website : www.kuet.ac.bd/eee/jahan/

Educational Records

Secondary school certificate
Newsprint School, Jessore, Bangladesh. (January 1979-1988)
Group: Science, Merit Position: Star,
Result: First Class , Marks: 775 of 1000,
Higher secondary certificate
Govt. Braza Lal College , Jessore, Bangladesh. (November 1988-1990)
Group: Science, Result: Fisrt class, Marks: 698 of 1000,
Bechalor of Science in Engineering
Bangladesh Institute of Technology , Bangladesh. (November 1991-1995)
Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineeri, Result: Fisrt Class, CGPA: 3.30, CGPA Scale: 4.00,
Master of Engineering
University of Fukui, Japan. (March 2001-2003)
Result: A, Marks: A, CGPA: A, CGPA Scale: 4,
Thesis Title: A Pruning Approach for Training Single and Ensemble Neural Network
Doctor of Engineering
University of Fukui, Japan. (April 2003-2006)
Result: A, Marks: A, CGPA: A, CGPA Scale: 4.00,
Thesis Title: Design of artificial neural network and robot control system using cooperative learning
Last Update: 20 Jan 2016