Department of Leather Engineering

Department of Leather Engineering is offering 4 years Bachelor of Science in Leather Engineering degree in the field of Leather Technology, Footwear Technology and Leather Product Technology. The aim of this program is to educate the future leaders in national and in the international leather industries, leather product industries as well. This program covers features of the leather provide series from raw materials to end use with leather manufacture as the main theme. Raw animal skins are said as hide/skin is one of the most important bi-product of meat industries. After chemicals and mechanicals operation hide/skin turned to leather and used as the most important value-added products. The admission requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Leather Engineering program as per the specified standard of the university admission. The students are admitted into the Bachelor of Science in Leather Engineering program following the undergraduate admission procedure by the university. At least 161.00 credit hours and entire requirements to fulfill this degree must be completed within 4 academic years. Under this program there is provision of 60 seats for each batch. One advisor is appointed for each student who advises the student in the academic program. There is an Academic Committee of Undergraduate Studies (ACUG) of this department which is responsible for monitoring, evaluation and upgrading the performance of the overall course system.

Established : 29-08-2010
Head : Dr. Md. Abul Hashem
Location : New Academic Building
(Block-4, 2nd Floor)
Phone : +88041-769471 Ext-750
Fax : +88-041-774403
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No of Faculty : 17
No of Student : 259
Website: : /department/LE