Laboratory in BECM Department

Structural and Materials Engineering Laboratory

The structural and materials engineering laboratory, located at Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) on the URP Building ground floor, where structural and material testing is performed. The laboratory focuses on the needs for structural and construction material engineering research and development. The structural and materials engineering laboratory covers engineering materials such as concrete, cement, steel, soil, and timber testing facility. In this laboratory, the physical and mechanical properties of various engineering materials can be evaluated. The structural and material section includes Tensile testing machine, Digital compression testing machine, Electromechanical tensile testing machine, high capacity laboratory movable crane, Flexural testing machine, Torsion testing machine, Concrete permeability testing apparatus, SCC testing set-up, Various size of steel molds, Mechanical sieve shaker, Portable concrete mixture machine, NDT testing equipment's, Load cell, various precision of LVDTs, Datalogger, etc. are also accessible.

The laboratory's research outcomes are expected to lead to the development of more efficient building infrastructures and construction engineering materials field. The country's economic growth should come from more robust, and efficient infrastructure constructed with sustainable construction materials designed to lower construction costs, improve overall performance, and reduce environmental impacts. All this can raise the international competitiveness of Bangladesh's building infrastructures and construction industries sector.

Foundation Engineering Laboratory

The Foundation Engineering Laboratory of the Department of Building Engineering and Construction Management (BECM) is located on the ground floor of the URP Building in KUET. The primary aim of the Foundation Engineering Laboratory is to advance the theory and application of Soil Mechanics. It is well-equipped with standard and advanced soil testing equipment for evaluating all engineering properties of soils, including classification, index properties, compaction characteristics of soils, hydraulic characteristics, compressibility, direct shear, and unconfined compression strength of soils. Soil testing facility is enhanced by Digital Triaxial Testing Machine, forensic testing equipment like Pile Integrity Testing Apparatus (PIT), Digital Rebound Hammer; Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Device (UPV), etc. The laboratory room is digitalized by a projector and computer for the demonstration of students and the betterment of the researchers. The capabilities of the Foundation Engineering Laboratory are quite diverse and complete. The equipment ranges from the most fundamental to the most sophisticated and provides both students and faculty members with an excellent opportunity to conduct quality research.

Building Information Modeling Laboratory

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) Lab at the Department of Building Engineering and Construction Management (BECM) of KUET is one of the most modern and advanced laboratories for digital methodologies in the construction industry and provides students and researchers working environments at the highest technical level possible. The BIM lab is located on the 3rd floor of the new academic building (Block B) in KUET. The BIM lab is equipped with 30 high configuration computer workstations with passive and active stereoscopic monitors. For a better laboratory environment, the room is digitalized by a projector and sound system. Provide a virtual environment where researchers and students can research Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) technology. Building 3D modeling and simulation for various perspectives can be performed here with top-order original software.

Surveying Laboratory

The Surveying Laboratory is located on the 3rd floor of the new academic building (Block B) in KUET. The Surveying Laboratory is equipped with the modern surveying instruments and tools that students use throughout the surveying practical course. Specifically, students have the opportunity to use total station equipment, which enables horizontal, vertical, and angular measurements, auto level, theodolite, tripods, reflective prisms, compass, GPS device, plane table, and level rods is also available. Students learn techniques for gathering field data with both traditional and modern instruments.

Architectural Engineering Laboratory

The modeling of architectural and interior design of different building-related objects can be developed in this laboratory. This laboratory is decorated maintains standards to accommodate standard scale 3D models as well as 2D drawings. Superior lighting amenities are provided so that the students can easily capture the drawing and modeling. About thirty students can perform in this studio at a time. This studio is proposed to be developed for landscape architecture, structural drawing and modeling, and photography. For better classroom acquisition, the room is digitalized by a projector, computer, and sound system.

Computer Lab

The computer lab is located at third Floor of BECM department. This lab is equipped with approximately 30 computers, white board, projector etc. to be used by undergraduate. Computer lab personnel do maintenance services to all computers in the computer lab as well as classrooms and faculty member offices.

Rental Library

The Department of BECM developed its rental library to the New Academic Building (Block A) on the 4 th floor. The library contains items like periodicals, books, conference proceedings, manuals, standards, codes of practice and thesis repots etc. It is an excellent resource for the students who desires to learn more than those taught in classes. The BECM Library is open for reference for all students of the department on all workdays with a recess from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.