Major Field of Studies
The basic concentration of the undergraduate programme covers the following functional areas: Urban, physical and land use planning, Rural and regional planning, Transportation studies and planning, Environmental, natural resource planning and disaster management, Housing, real estate development and project planning, Urban and social policy development and development planning. Besides, some functional areas of the course curriculum also covers some technical aspects to improve student's technical skills like communication skills, analytical skills, cartography, surveying, remote sensing and GIS (Geographic Information System) skills.
Studio and classroom Facilities
Design studio and classroom for the initial batch had been introduced back in 2017. After the inclusion of the following batch, another well facilitated studio has been included. Each of the studio and the classroom are equipped to accommodate 40 students at a time. Importantly, lecture studios are well facilitated with multimedia projectors and laptops.
Future Plan of Architecture Department
Department of Architecture is one of the newest addition to a reputed university like KUET. The objective of the dept. is to meet that standard while also keeping up with the present architectural and development schemes to establish a recognized educational system. The overall activities of the department are planned to establish an environment respective of the architectural educational system with skilled manpower while also arranging and developing future workshops and related programs for students' professional and creative skill development.

Students' Activities

For skill development on different software and enhancing extracurricular activities two student associations are in process. Professional Skill Development Club (PSDC) will organize various types of workshops, events and other activities for learning advance software. Already students have participated in different competitions and proved their enthusiasm and talents. On the other hand, motto of cultural group is organizing different activities and volunteering the universities programs.