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Course Conduction

ME 1200 Mechanical Engineering Drawing I (Credit: 1.50) Fundamental principles and applications of Orthogonal projection; Visibility, Angle problem; Oblique projection; Isometric projection; Auxiliary projection, Orthographic and auxiliary projection from pictorial views; pictorial projection from orthographic views, Development of objects. Descriptive Geometry: Projection, methods of transferring projection, practical application of descriptive geometry.

ME 1221 Computer and Computer Languages (Credit: 4.00) General Discussion about computer and its components, discussion about programming languages and software packages. FORTRAN Fundamental of FORTRAN Language; Standard input/output statement and its field width; real and integer variables; built in mathematical functions; arithmetic assignment statement; conditional and unconditional transfer; flow chart, relational expressions, controlling a loop, logical and arithmetic IF statement, GO TO statement; DO loop, necessity of the CONTINUE statement, Nested DO loop, Implied DO loop, Arrays and subscripted variables, DIMENSION statement, Multidimensional arrays, Functions and Subroutines, program development and application; Sorting, Searching, solution of certain equations, String variables and constants; Logical constants and logical variables. Special topics: IMPLICIT statement, double precision, COMMON statement, OPEN statement, CLOSE statement, REWIND Statement, BLOCK DATA statement, EQUIVALENCE statement. ME 1222 Sessional on ME 1221 (Credit: 0.75) Programming practice with FORTRAN languages based on the theory of ME 1221.

ME 2105 Thermodynamics (Credit: 4.00) Introduction: Macroscopic and Microscopic points of view; Definition of Thermodynamic terms; Heat , Work and their path dependence. Ideal Gas: Definition and suitability as thermodynamic fluid; Equation of state; various thermodynamic processes. Specific heats; Internal energy; Enthalpy. Laws of Thermodynamics: Statement and their corollaries, criterion of reversibility and irreversibility, entropy, Gibbs function and Helmohtzs function, Maxwell’s relations. Air Standard Cycles: Carnot cycle, Otto cycle, Diesel cycles, Dual cycle, Stirling cycle, Erricsion cycle, Joule cycle, Brayton cycle, and their applications; Representation of various cycles on p-V and T-s planes; Cycle efficiency; Air compressors and blowers. Vapor Power Cycles: Carnot cycle, Rankine cycle; Reheat cycle, Regenerative cycle; Binary cycle; Introduction to combined cycle. Mixture of Gases and Vapors: Mixture of ideal gases, gravimetric and volumetric analysis; Dalton’s law of partial pressure, volume and entropy of gaseous mixture; Isentropic process with gaseous mixtures; Specific humidity, relative humidity, dew point, dry and wet bulb temperatures; Adiabatic saturation; Construction of psychometric chart and its uses. Fuels and Its Properties: Classification of fuels; Formation of coal and petroleum fuel, grading of coal; Calorific value of fuels and its measurement; Freezing point, Flash point, Boiling point, Viscosity of liquid fuels; Modern development of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, Nuclear fuels. ME 2106 Sessional on ME 2105 (Credit: 0.75) Experiments based on the theory of ME 2105.

ME 2211 Mechanics of Solid (Credit: 4.00) Stress and Strain: Introduction; Analysis of internal forces; Tensile, compressive, bearing and shearing stresses; Stresses in thin-walled pressure cylinder; Stress-strain diagram; Axial, biaxial and triaxial deformations; Statically indeterminate members; Thermal stresses. Statically Determinate Beams: Introduction; Different types of loading and supports; Shear force and bending moment diagrams; Stresses in beams, flexure formula, economic sections, shearing stresses in beams, general shear formula; variation of shearing stresses in beams; Deflection of beams, double integration, area-moment and superposition methods; Reinforced beams, design of reinforced concrete beams. Statically Indeterminate Beams: Introduction; Propped and restrained beams; Design of restrained beams; Continuous beams; Derivation of the three-moment equation and its applications; Determination of support reactions of continuous beams; Torsion: Introduction; Torsion formula; Angle of twist; Shaft couplings and helical springs; Analysis and design of circular shaft. Combined Stresses: Introduction; Combined axial and bending stresses; Kern of section; Stress at a point; Analytical method for the determination of stresses on oblique sections; Mohr’s circle and its application to combined loadings; Transformation of strain components; Strain rosette; Columns: Introduction; Critical load, slenderness ratio and classification of columns; Euler’s formula, empirical formulas and secant formula. Riveted and Welded Connections: Introduction; Stresses in riveted joints; Eccentrically loaded riveted and welded connections. ME 2212 Sessional on ME 2211 (Credit: 0.75) Experiments based on the theory of ME 2211.

ME 3121 Numerical Method (Credit: 3.00) Interpolation: Newton’s formulae for forward and backward interpolation, Lagrange’s interpolation method, Stirling’s interpolation method and Bessel’s interpolation method. Solution of Nonlinear Algebraic Equation: Iterative method, Regula falsi method, Newton-Raphson method; Graphical presentation and significance of the above methods; Initial approximation and convergence criteria, Checking for convergence. Solution of Linear Algebraic Equation: Iterative method, Matrix inversion method, Gauss elimination and pivoting method, Triangular factorization method. Numerical Differentiation: Expansion of a function by Taylor’s series; Forward difference formula, Central difference formula and Backward difference formula, their error calculation and application. Graphical method of differentiation; Partial differentiation. Numerical Integration: General formula for equidistant ordinates, Trapezoidal rule, Simpson’s rule, Weddle’s rule and calculation of their error; Graphical integration. Solution of Differential Equations: Introduction to differential equation, geometric interpretation; Euler’s method, Taylor series method, Runge-Kutta method of different order, Predictor-Corrector methods, their application and error analysis. Solution of Partial Differential Equations (PDE): Introduction to differential equation, geometric interpretation; Definition of Elliptic, Parabolic and Hyperbolic PDE and their solution by finite difference technique, D’Alembert’s solution, Crank-Nicholson method, Iterative method. Calculation of residuals and test of accuracy. Curve Fitting: Linear regression and correlation, Least squares estimators, confidence limits and test of significance. Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors: Introduction and concept of Eigen value and Eigen vector. Solution of homogeneous linear system, estimation of the size of Eigen values. ME 3122 Sessional on ME 3121 (Credit: 0.75) Computer applications on the problems based on the theory of ME 3121.

ME 4105 Applied Thermodynamics (Credit:4.00) Gas Turbines: Open and closed cycle gas turbines and their performances; Modifications of simple gas turbines cycle; reheat, regenerative, inter-cooling etc. Jet propulsion and rocket propulsion; propellants and their criteria; Air-Fuel Ratio, Specific Fuel Consumption. Efficiency of propulsive units; Boosting. Turbo-machinery: Steam turbines, Impulse and reaction type, convergent and divergent nozzles theory and design of nozzles; Stage efficiency, degree of reaction. Performance of steam turbines. Compounding of turbines, optimum velocity ratio, reheat factor and condition line, loses in steam turbines, steam turbine governing. Steam Condensers. Internal Combustion Engines: Classification of engines, Engine testing, types of tests, measurement of torque, speed, fuel and air consumption etc.; Heat balance; Performance factors, indicator diagram, Indicated power, brake power, mep, specific fuel consumption; thermal, mechanical and volumetric efficiencies; performance curves, factors limiting performance of IC engines; Fuel metering of SI and CI engines; reaction rate and flame propagation, auto ignition and chemical reaction; knocking and detonation in SI and CI engines; fuel additives; Combustion chamber design of SI and CI engines; Scavenging and Supercharging; ME 4106 Sessional on ME 4205 (Credit: 0.75) Experiments based on the theory of ME 4105.


Supervision of Master's Thesis:
Year Degree Thesis Title
2016 M.Sc. Engg Numerical Investigation of Stress Field for Anisotropic Elastic Bonded Joints
2016 M.Sc. Engg Study on Bio-Fertilizer Extraction and Management of Municipal Solid Waste of Khulna City
Examiner for Evaluating the PhD Thesis:
Year Degree Name of the University
2018 PhD Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia
2015 PhD Alagappa Chettiar Government College of Engineering and Technology, India

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