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News & Events

  • Campaign against Drugs, Ragging, Smoking, Waste Littering started in KUET
    July 03, 2017
  • We Love People, We Love Nature, We Love KUET: "Say ‘No’ to Drugs, Ragging, Smoking, Waste Littering" with enchanting this slogan, anti-drug, anti-ragging, anti-smoking and anti-waste littering campaign started in KUET. On 03 July at 9 am at the first day of campaigning Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammed Alamgir has gone to different classes of CE, EEE and ME department and brief to the students about harmful effects of this. On campaign KUET VC urged to the students, "We must love people, Nature and KUET to stop Drugs, Ragging, Smoking and Waste Littering". He also says that our graduate not only equipped themselves in best technique but a person of strong determination with high ethical value. Students also make committed with sign to abstain themselves from Drugs, Ragging, Smoking and Waste Littering while KUET VC campaigning the classes.