Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Urban and Regional Planning (URP) is the process by which communities attempt to control, design and develop their physical environments. It has been practiced under many names i.e. town planning, city planning, community planning, land use planning and physical environment planning. The objective of planning is the “physical environment,” which is taken to mean land and its uses, along with everything that has tangible existence on or beneath the land surface. Planning also includes the manner and style by which buildings are laid out in a city, and the design of public places.

A variety of issues falls within the scope of URP, depending partly on the geographical scale of the planning area. Regional planners are concerned with such matters as the protection of farmland or other valued resource sites (e.g. forests, mineral deposits, seashores, lakeshores); the preservation of unique natural or historical features; the locations of highways and other transport facilities, such as pipelines or airports; and the growth prospects of communities located throughout the region. If the region is organized around a large city, the planners must take into account the problems caused by city’s expansion, and its impact on surrounding countryside and nearby towns.

The importance of URP for a developing country like Bangladesh can hardly be over emphasized. Bangladesh has a shortage of planner. With its limited land capacity and high population density, all the cities of Bangladesh show rapid urbanization. Moreover, during the last few years, urban growth rates and the number of municipality have increased noticeably. Without proper planning, this growth trends and newly established municipalities will create more serious social, environmental and other problems, which may lead to the urban areas inhabitable for the city dwellers. To promote development of physical environment of this country/region increased number of planners should be produced.

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (URP) has started its’ academic programme in February 10, 2011 with two teachers and 60 students under the Faculty of Civil Engineering for offering the degree of Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (BURP).


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