::11th Khulna Gonit Congress and 10th AGM::

Message From Head


Dr. B.M. Ikramul Haque

It is my pleasure to introduce The Department of Mathematics, which is one of the important department that plays important roles for learning basic sciences, especially in engineering and technology. Mathematics helps one as a language of science to understand and gain vast cognition about engineering and technology fields and to represent proper outputs in these branches. The Department of Mathematics at KUET is serving mathematical wisdom among the students in all the engineering departments from the beginning of the establishment of this University for pursuing the qualitative understanding in engineering and technology fields. This department has been providing M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics since 2001. Moreover, this department also has been offearing M.Sc. degree in Mathematics since 2014. The establishment of the Department of Mathematics at KUET is to prompt endeavor to spread outstanding mathematical consciousness among the students, who will carry through the prominent excellence for the human being over worldwide.