Message From Head


Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ariful Islam

Energy plays an important role in the economy and development of any country. Indirectly, per capita energy consumption is the milestone of the development of a country. Most of the developing countries are facing energy crisis. In some cases this is because of scarcity of energy resources or because of lacking of sustainable appropriate technology. The solution of such crisis is the prime objective of concerned countries.
Energy Science and Engineering is a multi-disciplinary department concerned with energy resources, its potential and diversification, exploration and extraction techniques, conversion methodologies and systems, applications and uses to different end-users, conservation technologies and methodologies, economics and so on. Modern technological society has its root on Energy engineering. Energy engineers made significant contribution to the modern civilization. Such contributions include the conversion of energy from fossil fuels and atoms, waterfalls, wind, geothermal heat, Ocean energy and more over sunlight into useful power. Thus, Energy engineers provide modern society to the economical utilization of the mechanical and electrical devices and systems. As a branch of engineering education, Energy Science & Engineering is concerned with all forms of energy conversion, transformation and transmission processes, proper utilization of machinery and equipment and also conservation of it. The Energy engineering program is designed to offer the students, the fundamental preparation to enter into the wide variety of careers involving research, design, operation, production or management of energy facilities. This department will create opportunities for the students as well as professionals to exchange their ideas and experience for technological advancement in the field of Energy engineering to boost up countries economy.