Laboratory Facilities

Well-developed laboratories with sufficient precision equipment are essential for reasonable and acceptable experimental data and research. Most of the laboratories are equipped with modern experimental facilities with computers and simulation software. The students will be given a first-hand practical knowledge in these laboratories, of what they are taught in theory classes as well as of what they are supposed to do afterwards. Wide ranges of computation facilities will be arranged for students with a good number of PCs.

Solar and Wind Energy Lab

As a renewable energy source Solar Energy is the most promising one from the context of Bangladesh. The goal of the laboratory is to educate students the use of solar energy through Solar PV, Solar Thermal experimental, and Solar Water Pumping module. The laboratory also has Pyranometer to measure disuse and beam solar radiation with data acquisition system. Equipment for wind energy measurement and testing are expected to be available within short period of time. The lab will be enriched with solar simulator system, wind monitor, wind turbine generator and Hall effect measurement system in future.

Energy and Process Control Instrumentation lab

As energy and process industries depend heavily on process automation and control, our proposed lab will contain necessary equipment to train undergraduate and postgraduate students with the advanced concepts used in the process industries. Proposed experimental systems will include flow control loops, control valve characteristic, cascade control loop, ratio control loop and feed forward control loop. The lab will also be equipped with latest data acquisition systems with National Instrument (NI) software LabVIEW.

Power Plant Engineering Lab

With the increasing demand of skill manpower in power generation sector, the lab is aimed to enrich with modern power plant trainer such as steam power plant trainer, gas turbine trainer, cooling tower trainer, boiler safety and control trainer. Also, the lab will be enriched with nuclear power plant simulator from IAEA for analysis of operational characteristics, reactivity control systems, safety systems, and response to transients and accident situations of nuclear power plants.

Energy Audit Lab

Conservation of energy is other way a new source of energy. The Energy Conservation & Auditing Lab will be equipped with various types of energy auditing equipment and hand tools. The equipment will be usedto measure the various parameters related to energy conservation.This Lab will help the students to explore the opportunities for energy conservation, analysis ofthe scope improving system performance, replacement of existing system with a new and efficient system etc.

Fuel and Engine Testing Lab

Testing of fuel and engine is very import in energy conversion. The fuel properties and their impact on engine combustion will be demonstrated in this lab. At present, this lab is equipped computerized Bomb calorimeter and viscometer. To enhance the research on new fuel technology, several modern equipment will be purchased such as Fuel Analyzer, Fuel Atomization Verification System, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Elementary Analysis (C, H, N, S, 02), LPG Analyzer, Engine Test Bench.

Energy Storage lab

Energy Storage is a key issue in Energy engineering. The aim of this laboratory is to provide facilities to educate student about energy storage and promote innovative research in energy storage. This lab will be equipped with Fuel Cells Systems Trainer, Fuel Cell testing apparatus, Battery Analyzer, Electrochemical Energy storage and conversion Trainer, Flow Battery, Thermal Storage System, Electric Vehicle.

Rental Library

The Department has a rental library, which consists of specific textbooks, reference books,journals and conference proceeding and students may rent books from this library.