Department of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering (BME) Department has been established at KUET in the year of 2007 to produce skill in maintenance, operation, management and development of medical equipment, It is a cross-disciplinary department that bridges the medical and engineering sciences. BME department is now one of the most demanding & challenging departments in the world. In Bangladesh the use of medical technology is very limitedand during the past decades different types of medical equipment procured by the Government from its own exchequer and IDA credit fund, failed to functioned properly due to lack of experts. As per the guidelines of WHO, Biomedical / Clinical Engineering Professionals & Technologists are not involved in right form in view of equipment planning, positioning and management and due to absence of a biomedical department, a large percentage of our medical equipment are not utilized properly. Thus, the equipment demands safe operation, maintenance, monitoring, repair as well as innovation and development.

Since May, 2007 Biomedical Engineering Department started its journey as one of the reputed Postgraduate (PG) Departments under the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Bangladesh. In every year, PG admission is taken in two semesters, January and July. In 2014, the Department started undergraduate program for the first time in Bangladesh with 3o students. It offers four years degree of B.Sc. Engg. in Biomedical Engineering with other supporting courses of other engineering fields. The faculties and students from different Departments with diverge fields are involved in doing experiments in the established sophisticated lab in the Department.

The Department has different highly equipped modern laboratories to support our academic programs and research. Biomedical Engineering is a broad, interdisciplinary field that applies the art of engineering to solve problems in biology, medicine, and biotechnology. These problems include the design and analysis of physiologic measuring and diagnostic systems as well as quantitative analysis and experiment to obtain a clearer understanding of the human body's functions.

Established : 01-05-2007
Head : Dr. Mostafa Zaman Chowdhury
Location : new Academic Building
(Block-2, 2nd Floor)
Phone : +8802477733210, Ext-8880
Fax : +88-041-774403
Email :
No of Faculty : 7
No of Student : 185
Website: : /department/BME
Degree Offered

B.Sc. Eng. , M.Sc. Eng. , Ph.D