We have world class research instruments in the field of biomedical signal acquisition and processing includig ECG,EEG,EMG, PPG, LDF, fNIRs data colection systems.

Biomedical Signal Processing Laboratory

Currently, we have a biomedical signal processing laboratory, which is sufficient for fundamental research activities. This laboratory is well organized and air conditioned. We have purchased some of the BIOPAC equipment to arrange the biomedical signal-processing laboratory. From this laboratory some students have completed their research activities based on different types of biomedical signal analysis, processing and modelling. At present, many students from undergraduate and post-graduate program are pursuing their research work on biomedical signal processing. In this laboratory, there have huge opportunities for research on different physiological signals such as ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG etc. and necessary lab equipment for processing these signals are available here.

Advanced Biomedical Signal Processing Laboratory

Both fundamental and applied research scopes will be created through the establishment of this lab. Biomedical Signal Processing using advanced instruments and its applications are playing a vital role in the promising biomedical research fields. In medical & health sector, biomedical signal processing plays a vital role for proper diagnosis of the patient's diseases. This laboratory will be ultramodern which will provide modern facilities in research of signal processing, image processing, and related fields.

Neuro-Imaging Laboratory

At present, there is no Neuro-Imaging laboratory in our University as well as in Bangladesh. Our modern Neuro-Imaging Laboratory will have Functional Near-Infrared (FNIR) imaging system with accessories and FNIR standard analysis software. FNIR imaging system will provide promising biomedical research for brain mapping. This lab will create opportunities to research in brain imaging as well as improve the quality of research.

Biomedical Modelling and Simulation Laboratory (under development)

At present, a high configuration computer based biomedical modelling and simulation laboratory is being developed. This fully air-conditioned laboratory consists of more than 3o high configuration computers, projector for seminar, different simulation software such as MATLAB, Labview, COMSOL MPH, ANSYS MPH, PSpice, Multi-sim etc. will be used to model and simulate different aspects of biomedical engineering problems.

Radiology Lab (under development)

A highly equipped radiology laboratory is being developed. Already a sooMA X-ray machine has been purchased and will be installed soon.