A. S. M. Riyad
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
Khulna -9203, Bangladesh. Phone: +880-41-769468 ~ 75, Ext-8209
Mail : riyadtowhid@ce.kuet.ac.bd
Website : www.kuet.ac.bd/ce/riyad/
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A. S. M. Riyad is serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET), Bangladesh since 2018. Mr. Riyad joined as a Lecturer in April 05, 2015 and then promoted to Assistant Professor in January 01, 2018. Besides teaching, he has been involved in professional consultation services to different government and non-government institutions, as a member of Consultancy Research and Testing Services (CRTS) of Civil Engineering Department of KUET. CRTS manages several projects, namely, consulting within the research group to determine the project requirements, material testing, recommending suitable building & construction materials, sub-soil exploration and recommendation of suitable foundation, field surveys for various civil works and preparing technical reports, engaging in planning and design of various infrastructures, such as, sub-structures and super-structures of buildings, water supply distribution networks and pump house design, etc., and decision making and implementation of engineering solutions to the local problems; most of these are his responsibilities as a member of CRTS. He obtained B.Sc. Engineering (2014) & M.Sc. Engineering (2017) degrees from KUET. He was awarded the technical Scholarship for four years due to the outstanding academic performances in his undergraduate study. He also obtained the “KUET Dean List Award” 2011-2014 due to having CGPA greater than 3.75 for two consecutive semesters. About 20 technical papers written by him were published in conference and journal proceedings. He is a member of Institute of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB).
Last Update: 14 Sep 2020