Rushdi Z Rusho
Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
Khulna -9203, Bangladesh.

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Educational Records

Scholarship/Award Received


Bio-signal processing
Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
Bioelectromagnetism: Electrical Bioimpedance analysis
Biomedical Instrumentation

International Conference

5 M. R. Islam, Rushdi Zahid Rusho and S. M. Rabiul Islam, "Design and Implementation of Low Cost Smart Syringe Pump for Telemedicine and Healthcare", 2019 International Conference on Robotics,Electrical and Signal Processing Techniques (ICREST), Dhaka, Bangladesh, pp.440-44, 2019.
4 Rushdi Zahid Rusho and M Abdul Kadir, "Subcutaneous vein detection using pigeon hole imaging: Simulation study", IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10-HTC), BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh, pp.363-366, 21-23 Dec 2017.
Comments: IEEE DOI: 10.1109/R10-HTC.2017.8288975
3 Rushdi Zahid Rusho, M Abdul Kadir,"Reconstruction algorithm for Pigeon Hole Imaging (PHI)", 3rd International Conference on Electrical Information and Communication Technology (EICT), IEEE(DOI: 10.1109/EICT.2017.8275137), KUET, Khulna, Bangladesh,7-9 Dec 2017.
2 Md. Kamrul Hasan, Rushdi Zahid Rusho, Toufiq Md. Hossain, Tarun Kanti Ghosh, and Mohiuddin Ahmad, "Design and Simulation of Cost Effective Wireless EEG Acquisition System for Patient Monitoring", 3rd International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision (ICIEV), IEEE (DOI: 10.1109/ICIEV.2014.6850797), DU, Dhaka, Bangladesh, pp.1 - 5 , 23-24 May 2014.
1 Md. Kamrul Hasan, Rushdi Zahid Rusho, and Mohiuddin Ahmad, "A Direct Noninvasive Brain Interface with Computer Based On Steady-State Visual-Evoked Potential (SSVEP) With High Transfer Rates", 2nd International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering (ICAEE) , IEEE (DOI: 10.1109/ICAEE.2013.6750360), IUB, Dhaka , pp.341 - 346, 19-21 Dec 2013.

Course Conduction

For EVEN semester:
BME 2211: Signals & Systems; 
BME 2212: Signals & Systems Laboratory;

BME 2231: Biomedical Instrumentation;
BME 2232: Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory;

BME 3231: Biomedical Devices & Control;
BME 3232: Biomedical Devices & Control Laboratory;

BME 4231: Telemedicine & Healthcare.
BME 4232: Telemedicine & Healthcare Laboratory;

For ODD Semester:
BME 1101: Basic Biomedical Engineering;

BME 2151: Numerical Methods & Statistics;
BME 2152: Numerical Methods & Statistics Laboratory;

BME 3103: Bioelectricity;

BME 3114: Biomedical Modeling and Simulation Laboratory.


Undergraduate Thesis:
BME 2k14 Batch: Design and Instrumentation of PHI based devices.

Student Corner

BME 2151 (Statistics Labsheets) : [request via email]

BME 2212 (Signals and Systems Labsheets) : [request via email]

BME 3232 (Biomedical Devices & Control Labsheets) : [request via email]

BME 3114 (Biomedical Modeling and Simulation Labsheets) : [request via email]

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