Dr. A. R. M. Jalal Uddin Jamali
Department of Mathematics
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
Khulna -9203, Bangladesh.
Cell: 01714087243, Mail : armjamali@yahoo.com; jamali@math.kuet.ac.bd
Website : www.kuet.ac.bd/math/jamali/

Course Conduction

(1) Post Graduate Jan 2020: (i) Course: Math 6206(Optimization Technology)

(11) Undergraduate Jan 2020: (i) Math 2113, (ii) Math 2127 (iii) Math 3113


       (A)   Degree Awarded

1.    Name of Degree :M.Phil, Date of  degree Awarded : July 2012, Student’s Name : Aparna Dey Thesis Title:    Iterated Local Search Approaches for maximin Latin Hypercube Designs.


2.    Name of Degree : M.Phil, Date of  degree Awarded : August 2013, Student’s Name : Parimal Mridha , Thesis Title (tentative): Complexity Analysis of Iterated Local Search Approaches for Maximin Latin Hypercube Designs in Experimental Domain.


3.    Name of Degree: M.Phil, Date of  degree Awarded : January 2014, Student’s Name :Md. Asadul Alam, Title: Population Based Heuristics Approaches for Packing Circles in a Circular Container.


4.    Name of degree: M.Phil , Date of  degree Awarded : 16-7-2016 , Student’s Name : Debasis Bokshi Title: Optimality Analysis of Maximin LHDs Obtaining by Iterated Local Search Heuristics Approaches Regarding Audze-Eglais.


5.    Degree : M.Phil, Date of  degree Awarded : 07-06-2015, Student’s Name : Md. Isahque Ali, Title : Optimality Analysis on the Basis of Rectangular (Manhatten) Distance Measure for Maximin LHDs Obtained by the Iterated Local Search Heuristics Approach.


6.    Name of degree: M.Phil,  Date of  degree Awarded : 10-05-2016, Student’s Name :Md. Shah Alam, Title: Study on eigen values and eigen vectors of matrices: an iterative approach.


7.    Name of degree: M.Sc,  Date of  degree Awarded : 06-09-2016 , Student’s Name : Naznin Nahar, Title: A Mathematical Meta Model of Academic Attainment based on Class Attendances and Socio-Economic Change.


8.    Name of degree : M.Phil,  Date of  degree Awarded : 16-01-2017 , Student’s Name :Kazi Tanzila Ferdaus , Title: An experimental study on linear fractional programming problems.


9.    Name of Degree: M.Phil, Date of  degree Awarded : 30-06-2018 , Student’s Name : Md. Rafiqul Islam , Title : Mathematical Analysis of Epidemiological Model of A (H1N1) virus Transmission Dynamics in Perspective of Bangladesh.


10. Name of degree: M.Sc,  Date of  degree Awarded : 03-12-2017, Student’s Name : Pushpa Akhtar , Title: Sequentially renew weighted opportunity cost based algorithm in transportation problems.


11.Name of Degree: M.Sc, Date of  degree Awarded : 10-07-2018 , Student’s Name :Fatima Jannat , Title : A Weighted Least Cost Matrix Approach in Transportation Problem.

B)  Degree Continuing (Post Graduate)

1)     Student’s Name : Parimal Mridha (PhD, DSC is formed)


2)     Student’s Name : Md. Asadul Alam ( Status: PhD Continuing (No. of DSC held  till  to date   FOUR 25/09/2018); Title of the thesis: Analysis of maximin Latin Hypercube  Design in perspective of distance measure and computational time


3)     Student’s Name : Rignku Rani Mondal (MSc 3rd Semester, July 2019)


4)     Student’s Name : Bristi Biswas (MSc 2nd Semester, July 2019)

Last Update: 23 Aug 2020