Abu Jor
Assistant Professor
Department of Leather Engineering
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
Khulna -9203, Bangladesh. Phone: +88041-769468 ~ 75 Ext-8425
Cell: +880-1740585541, Mail : abujor@le.kuet.ac.bd, abujorlekuet10@gmail.com
Website : www.kuet.ac.bd/le/abujor/

Course Conduction

##Theory Courses: LE 3211: Footwear Engineering II LE 4217: Production & Quality Control LE 4123: Computer Integrated Manufacturing System LE 4213: Testing of Leather and Allied Materials LE 3107: Dyeing and Finishing I LE 4207: Dyeing and Finishing II LE 4121: Environmental Science and Engineering.......................## Sessional Courses: LE 3112: Footwear Engineering I LE 4112: Footwear Engineering III LE 4214: Testing of Leather & Allied Materials LE 4122: Environmental Science and Engineering


Thesis Title: Application of Six Sigma Concept in Shoe Manufacturing for Quality Improvements: A Case Study
Last Update: 16 Oct 2019