Department of Textile Engineering

Textile is the largest industrial sector of Bangladesh accounting for about 80% of our national exports. Over the last couple of decades the face of textiles has changed dramatically all over the world. Textile is no longer a commodity industry but it involves manufacturing of very high-tech products including development of the strongest fiber ever known to man; development of nano- composite material for deep space exploration; development of new bio-compatible materials for artificial organs, blood vessels, tendons or ligaments; development of high-performance fabrics worn by Olympic athletes; development of textiles which provide protection from chemical and biological weapons; development of self- cleaning fabrics; pajamas that sense a baby’s breathing; socks that do not stink, etc. The Department of Textile Engineering is a new department at the Khulna University of Engineering & Technology. The department provides an outstanding opportunity to students to get quality education in Textile Engineering. It started its academic activities from October 2012. This department will help to produce qualified Engineers with appropriate knowledge and skills for development of textile sector through expansion of facilities for modern Textile education and research in the country. This department will help a lot to generate sufficient number of Textile Engineers in the country with a view to meet the ever increasing demand due to globalization and technological development, to provide up to date technological knowledge to various organization within and outside the country, to create opportunity for higher education and research in the field of Textile Engineering, to develop professional man power in the field of spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing and garments. This department is aimed at providing students with a broad-based education and creating in them the ability to innovate & design new textile products & processes and emerging textile technologies such as non-wovens and technical textiles. Every effort should be made to pass students NOT just the ‘technical information’ but impart ‘real knowledge’ with critical & creative thinking, analytical reasoning and problem- solving skills. Another core aim of this department is to teach students the ‘human skills’ along with the ‘technical skills’ so as to hone not only their intelligent quotient but also their ‘social intelligence’ in order to make them good and productive citizens of Bangladesh.

Established : 01-10-2012
Head : Dr. Mohammad Abdul Jalil
Location : New Academic Building
Phone : +88041-769468-75 Ext-680
Fax : +88041-774403
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No Of Faculty Member : 6
No Of Students : 240
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As this is a new department no research activities has been taken yet.