Department of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles and techniques to the medical field. Biomedical engineering is a highly interdisciplinary field, influenced by various other engineering and medical fields. Biomedical engineering is advancing rapidly and producing important innovations that improve our quality of life.

Established : 01-05-2007
Head : Prof. Dr. Md. Nurunnabi Mollah
Location : new Academic Building
(Block-2, 2nd Floor)
Phone : +88-041-769471-Ext 8880
Fax : +88-041-774403
Email :
Website :
No Of Faculty Member : 6
No Of Students : 8
Degree Offered

M.Sc , Ph.D

Our department in engaged on the following research activities-

1. Cranial ultrasonography image processing

2. ECG image denoising using Bionic Wavelet transform

3. Medical equipment management system for health service

4. Classification and processing of ECG signals

5. Processing and modeling of ECG signals for diagnostic purposes

6. Compression and wireless transmission of ECG signals

7. Processing and modeling of EMG signals for diagnostic and sportive applications