Academic Program


Course Title (1_1)

Course Title (1_2)

Course Title (2_1)

Course Title (2_2)

Solid State Electronics

Analog Electronics –I

Object Oriented Programming Lab.

Electronic Circuits Design Laboratory

Solid State Electronics Laboratory

Analog Electronics –I Laboratory

Analog Electronics – II

Analog Communications

Basic Electrical Engineering

Computer Fundamentals & Programming

Analog Electronics –II Laboratory

Analog Communications Laboratory

Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory

Computer Fundamentals & Programming Lab.

Digital Electronics and Logic Circuits

Electromagnetic Fields & Waves



Digital Electronics and Logic Circuits Lab.

Electrical Devices & Instrumentation

Physics Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory

Science of Materials

Electrical Devices & Instrumentation Lab.

Mathematics -I

Mathematics – II

Signal & Systems

Data Structures & Algorithms



Signal & Systems Lab.

Data Structures & Algorithms Laboratory


English Laboratory

Mathematics –III

Mathematics- IV


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Course Title (4_1)

Course Title (4_2)

Internet Programming

Electronics Project Design/Development

 Project & Thesis

Project & Thesis

Industrial Electronics

Information Theory

VLSI Design & Nanotechnology

Modeling & Simulations

Industrial Electronics Laboratory

Digital Signal Processing

VLSI Design & Nanotechnology Lab.

Telecommunication Engineering

Microprocessors & Microcomputers

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Wireless Communications

Telecommunication Engineering Laboratory

Microprocessors & Microcomputers Lab.

Digital Communication

Wireless Communications Lab.

Satellite communications & RADAR

Microwave Engineering

Digital Communication Laboratory

Optical Fiber Communications

Satellite communications & RADAR Lab.

Microwave  Engineering Laboratory

Antenna Engineering

Optical Fiber Communications Lab.

Biomedical Engineering

Numerical Analysis

Antenna Engineering Laboratory

Computer Networks

Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

Numerical Analysis Laboratory

Computer Peripherals & Interfacing

Computer Networks Laboratory

Industrial management & Accounting

Government & Sociology

Computer Peripherals & Interfacing Laboratory

Digital Image Processing




Seminar (Related topics)



Post Graduate

             Course Title

Waves and Fields in Inhomogeneous Media

Computational Electromagnetics

Advanced Antenna Theory

Microwave Theory and Devices

Optical Communication systems

Optical Signal Processing

Fiber and Integrated Optics

Optoelectronic Devices and Systems

Laser Theory

Optical Communication Networks

Telecommunication Networks

Electromagnetic Materials

Computational Methods

Probability and Random Processes

Soft Computing

Mobile Communication Systems

Spread Spectrum Communications

Advanced Digital Communication System

Wireless Communication Systems

Communication Technologies and Networks

Electronics for Telecommunication

Semiconductor Physics and Devices

Electronic Packaging and Materials

Advanced Digital Image Processing

Advanced Digital Signal Processing

Medical Imaging Systems

Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Ubiquitous Network

Cognitive Systems for Telecommunications

Microprocessor and Interfacing

Medical Ultrasound Imaging