Research and Development Activities of the Department

The department is relatively young; within a decade of establishment, the department has organized some successful events related to Research and Development. The department has advance instruments and equipment with laboratories for study different aspects of urban and regional planning, particularly transportation supply and demand analysis, disaster management, salinity problems in coastal areas, housing demand, water supply and sanitation problems, solid waste management, natural resources management etc. 

Research Projects 


Project Title

Funding Authority


Response of Natural Disasters through Resilience: Addressing Extreme Climatic Disasters to Annihilate the Insecurity of Food, Nutrition and Livelihood – A Study on Disaster Affected Communities in Bangladesh

DFID (in collaboration with University College London)

Dr. Md. Mustafa Saroar, Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat, Md. Mokhlesur Rahman


Water as Leverage for Resilient Cities in Asia


RVO-Netherland Government

Dr. Md. Mustafa Saroar

Showmitra Kumar Sarkar

Country Study: Disaster, Climate Change and Poverty in Bangladesh


Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)


Dr. Md. Mustafa Saroar

Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat

Salt-water Shrimp Induced Salinity and Its Effect on Rice Farmers: An Evidence from Satkhira, Bangladesh

South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE)


Dr. Md. Manjur Morshed



Detailed GIS Mapping for LIC Units in Some Selected Slums (eight slums) in Dhaka City

WSUP (Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor), UK


Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat



Pro-Poor Market-Based Solutions for Fecal Sludge Management


(Netherlands Development Organization)

Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat

Studying the Cause of Water Logging at MatshyaBhaban Campus, ArabpurJashore with Proposed Design and Drawing of the Structures for Removing Water Logging And Preparation of Design, Drawing, Estimate & Supervision of Fish Fry and Fingerling Sale Center at Chanchra, Jashore

A project of the Government of Bangladesh



Tusar Kanti Roy, Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat



Topographic Survey for Rampal 1320MW Thermal Power Plant (Second  Phase)

A project of the Government

of Bangladesh

Muhammad Salaha Uddin, Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat

Layout Planning and Design for New Campus, KUET


Department of URP, KUET

Assessment of Demand and Supply of Public Transport Services in Khulna City

University Grant Commission (UGC), Bangladesh

Muhammad Salaha Uddin

Soil Salinity Change in Different Time Period and Its Impact on Land Use Change in Southern Coastal Area of Bangladesh

CASR (University Grant Commission, Bangladesh), KUET

Dr. Md. Manjur Morshed




Compact Township titled as PalliJanapath is a Remedy against Environmental Challenges and Sluggish Economy in Bangladesh

University Grant Commission (UGC)


Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat

Building Khulna as Water Resilient City through proper Urban Planning and Smart Water Management Technology

University Grant Commission (UGC), Bangladesh


Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat



Savings Mayur River and its Connected Canals of Khulna City

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)

Tusar Kanti Roy, Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat

Developing a Waterbody Management Tool, Waterbody Management Guidebook and Training for City Corporation Officials

GIZ Bangladesh and Barisal City Corporation (BCC)

Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat


Preparation of Development Plan for  Fourteen Upazilas

Development Directorate (UDD)

Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat

Forecast based Preparedness – a new finance mechanism for improved disaster preparedness in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) and German Red Cross (GRC)

Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat

Consultancy Assignment on Slum-based Citizen Action Network (SCAN) Project

Solidarités International


Md. Esraz-Ul-Zannat