Well-developed laboratories with sufficient precision equipment are essential for reasonable and acceptable experimental data and research. Energy Science & Engineering department is a newly established department in KUET. So, in future following laboratories will be developed and enriched with modern and sophisticated equipment in the respective fields. i. Energy Conservation & Auditing Lab ii. Energy Systems Lab iii. Solar Energy Harnessing Lab iv. Renewable Energy Lab Most of these laboratories will be equipped with microcomputers, simulation soft-wares and other academic tools, such as, multimedia projectors, e-learning devices which will help teachers to demonstrate to the students. The students will be given a first-hand practical knowledge in these laboratories, of what they are taught in theory classes as well as of what they are supposed to do afterwards. Wide ranges of computation facilities will be arranged for students with a good number of PCs. To support the research facilities, the departments have considerable number of modern equipment has equipped in this department. Energy Conservation & Auditing Lab: Conservation of energy is other way a new source of energy. The Energy Conservation & Auditing Lab will be equipped with various types of energy auditing equipment and hand tools. The equipment will be used to measure the various parameters related to energy conservation. This Lab will help the students to explore the opportunities for energy conservation, analysis of the scope of improving system performance, replacement of existing system with a new and efficient system etc. Energy Systems Lab: Energy Systems Lab will be helpful to the faculties and students to acquaint with the various energy conversion and consuming devices and their nature. This will lead the researchers and the students to design new and energy efficient system Solar Energy Harnessing Lab: Solar Energy Harnessing Lab will be equipped with solar radiation data acquisition system, energy harnessing devices e.g., photovoltaic panels, charge controllers, storing devices and also various types of DC or AC loads Renewable Energy Lab: The hunt for energy sources of new and renewable type is the prime solution to energy glut. The Renewable Energy Lab will help to explore various types of renewable and alternative energy sources. List of Equipment: The entire laboratory system will help better understanding and useful teaching-learning process, and also, research activities. At present following modern equipment are available in this department:

1.Gas Chromatograph/Exhaust Gas Emission analyser of IC Engine
2.Digital Viscometer (Rotational type)

180 Watt Solar panel


Multimedia Projector


3 Phase Digital Energy Meter


Solarimeter for Direct (beam) Radiation or Pyreliometer


Solar Radiation Data Acquisition System competent with Solarimeter for Direct (beam) Radiation or Pyreliometer


Solarimeter for Total radiation or Radiation Pyranometer or Pyranometer


Oxygen detector


Carbon dioxide detector


Solar Water Pumping system with 700 watt panel


Single Solar Collector System


Hydrogen detector


SOx Meter


NOx Meter


Server Computer


Bomb Calorimeter


Multimedia Projector